Cowgirl Julie, aka Julianne…. I am a Michigan born and raised cowgirl. I have always had a love for animals. I decided to turn my love of horses into a career. I started out taking lessons and working at the beloved Pine River Stables in St. Clair, MI. I then moved to Arizona for college. During my time there, I traveled to the ocean and spent a summer in the San Juan.

Somewhere along the trail I received an Associates in Equine Science and started a few businesses. During my college days, I stumbled upon equine massage. This lead to my extensive education in holistic and alternative care of bipeds and quadrupeds. Also I spent quite a bit of time learning the ins and outs of running a business.

Now I am back in Michigan spending time with my family. I have recently completed my education at Lakewood School of Therapeutic Massage so I may start working on horses AND riders. I am continuing to attend college. I am continuing for my Bachelors in Integrated Holistic Medicine from Oakland University. I also co-owns BMW Ranch Ventures, LLC. Then in my spare time I enjoys business coaching/personal development and traveling.

Life is an adventure and I am determined to see where the road my lead me.