Mission and Vision

Rambling Cowgirl’s mission is to assist in creating balance between the mind, body and soul in the most holistic approach possible for equine/canines and their human companions.

I know it sounds pretty simple, but creating balance within one’s life is quite hard. I have to work towards balance every day and life is always in the way. I wish to be able to assist animals and their human companions in their journey towards balance.


Mind: Our animals are greatly miss understood as many people don’t listen to what they are trying to communicate as we put human qualities to animal behavior. I focus on horse behavioral issues (and a little canine too) over on Pine Stables and BMW Ranch’s websites.

Body:To begin to understand where our horse’s behavioral issues arise from, I always start with the body. The body very quietly yells its dissatisfaction with us. I help your animal communicate to you what is wrong. I don’t replace a vet, but unlike a vet I look at the origin of the problem not the symptoms.

Soul:Luckily for us an animals soul is much easier to balance than a human’s. A animal that has a healthy body and is treated like an animal will have a very peaceful soul.


Mind: Humans are much harder to assist in a harmonious existence than their animal counterparts because we think way too much.  I am working on creating a website to help coach people through business and life as it is an integral, but very separate part of the holistic lifestyle.

Body: Human bodies are very hard to balance. We constantly make excuses for why we neglect our bodies and feed them pollutants. I hope to provide people with an alternative to the frustration of modern medicine.

Soul: The human soul always needs to be fed. As to how to properly feed your soul, I can only guide so far. Everyone has their own needs that needs to be filled here. For most people, they find peace with religion, but I can’t say that is right for everyone. More information about this will be on my life coaching website.