Kinetic Works for People

Kinetic works for people, KWP, is a very important part of a therapeutic massage.

Thus what is KWP?

The very definition of kinetic is in motion. We create the motion with  a series of movements customized for the client to increase free flowing range of motion for the muscles. Kinetic works come more into play after the massage to assist by providing gentle movements that will assist in journey to a pain free body. states : KINETIC AWARENESS
Developed by dancer/choreographer Elaine Summers, kinetic awareness is a system of bodywork that aims to increase knowledge of the human body by understanding tension as a positive and necessary part of movement affecting health, attitude, and emotional well-being. Designed to improve mental image, clients can gain a heightened sensitivity to posture and movement. All parts of the body are encouraged to be free to move in all directions in which it’s possible. A goal of kinetic awareness is to free the body so it is always moving away from pain and toward pleasure. There are five phases of awareness, including attention to breathing, simultaneous movement of body parts, level of tension, speed of movement, and relation to others.

Kinetic Awareness® Center interpretation is: Kinetic Awareness® is a bodywork system which is complementary to yoga practice. KA techniques release chronically tight areas of the body, enhance awareness and breath and facilitate greater range of motion. The unique feature of KA is the use of rubber balls (of varying sizes and textures) to support, massage and stretch localized areas. The result is a wonderful feeling of lightness in the body and alert quietness in the mind.
Rambling Cowgirl also has a Kinetic Works for Equines.

Horses and Lice

It is that time of year, well for most of the country, where everything begins to thaw, mud comes on strong, and parasites start popping up. Parasites include worms, bots, lice and more. Equine lice are our focus today. Lice are more common then many people believe and can happen to any horse. There are two types of equine lice blood suckers, Haematopinus asini,and chewers, Bovicola equi. Most lice are species specific (ie can‘t give to humans), but equines can get them from poultry and a few other animals. Click here to continue.

Cowboy Seasonal Allergy Remdey

Cowboy season allergy remedy to eat honey made by the plant causing them. It works for animals as well as people.

Here are some great links for more information on honey and allergy relief.

Really raw honey

Honey or Honey Comb for Allergies

New farmers’ market sells honey for allergy relief

Horse Worming Program

Do you have a regular horse worming programme in place? Do you know the best traditional and alternative horse worming products?

It is very important to worm you horse a minimum of 4 times a year on a rough outline program. Meaning… Spring thaw, summer, first frost and winter. Spring thaw and winter frost are important as the larvae and eggs are typically killed upon excretion. It is highly recommended to use Ivermection at these points in the year as it is a broad based wormer.

As to what to worm with… While there is the healthy me and the practice business person that argue back and  forth. Wormers are poison that we give our animals to poison worms. This is very hard on their bodies and organs. There are many different are natural alternatives that work well too. Personally, I use traditional wormers as I have a large herd of horses that change on a regular basis. This is just practical business since. Now for a person that doesn’t get new horses regularly or come in contact with new horses a lot, a natural wormer is much healthier and safer for your horse.

You will see the traditional worming schedule that says to use 2 to 3 different types of wormer on a rotation bases. Daily wormers are obnoxious and unnecessary. Although several of my vets are of the same conclusion, there is nothing on the market as good as Ivermectin. As to date, no worms have created an immunity to the product and works on most life stages of different types of worms.This making the use of other based wormers obsolete.

It does not work on tape worms though. That is where Praziquantel comes in. The tape worm killer. If you buy Equimax Wormer, then you kill all the worms. (You only need to use a combination wormer like this 2 times per year. I also recommend using this style products 2 times a year in a alternative horse worming program.)

*If it is questionable when they were last wormed, then I recommend doing a dose of Equimax and in two weeks a dose of straight ivermectin. If you have animal with a sever cause of worms, do a half dose of Ivermection wait a couple days and give other half. Killing a large batch of worms at once can cause colic. Also use package direction for mare in foal and young livestock

Alternative Horse Worming Program

Silver Lining Herbs has an Herbal Wormer, that works great. As herbal/natural wormers are less toxic to your horse’s body you can use more regular than 4 times a year. Garlic is a miracle worker in horses. It is great for keeping worms at bay and has an added bonus of deterring flies. I know several people that use the old farmers trick of feeding an animal tobacco. Yes this is an effective technique too.

It is your choice of the type of wormer you would like to use in your horse worming program, but be sure to have a regular program in place. Worming is a necessary evil to keep our horses in top health. Also be sure to have manure maintenance plan in place to keep down on breeding your own worms.