2.28 secret

The idea behind today’s Secret Widget is that “to attract money, you must focus on wealth.”

This means:

Don’t focus on how you are going to pay your bills.

Don’t focus on being broke.

Don’t focus on the problem.

Use the law of attraction by focusing on creating wealth. Look for solutions to the problem and believe.  If you start focusing on bring wealth into your life and creating a plan to bring wealth into your life. The money will begin to flow in. The more you implement your strategic wealth generating plan, the more money will flow through the doors.

“The Secret”

My introduction to the book “The Secret” was very serendipitous. I had a good friend tell me about the book and how she had bought a copy for her daughter. She said she was applying the concepts to her life and was seeing results. “You really should check it out.”

A week went by and I went to a Brad Sugars event in Phoenix. I was sitting next to a crabby mechanic who really wasn’t there to better his business. Anyways about 10 minutes into the seminar, he leans over and says, “It sounds like that movie, The Secret. You know the one?” The what?

Then a few minutes later in the seminar Brad Sugars say, “I know you are all thinking of The Secret.” He went on to explain his theory on how dreaming + action = goal.

There I was three times in a matter of a week being told about The Secret. I looked it up on Netflix and there it was. Clicked. 3 days later, I lie in bed watching The Secret.

The wheels in my head started to turn. Was I really creating the frustrations in my life? Was the law of attraction real? Was Brad Sugars right about dreaming and applying?

I found out yes. The law of attraction is real. The mind is everything. It makes us who we are. The number one thing that attracts us to the opposite sex is the mind. So I started using mine to start creating a life I dreamed of.

Every day I look at my Secret widget and learn how to apply the law of attraction to my life.