Equine Ting Points

As I evaluate a horse body performance, I am always looking at the ting points. This is the area around the coronary band that gives us in site to your animal’s organ function. I found this wonderful article all about ting points and bladder meridian lines that I wanted to share with you. It gives wonderful detail. Please note that although I do agree that you can use these points in an emergency situation, I also realize the benefits of working these points regularly to maintain and evaluate your equine’s health. Click here to read the article.

Horses and Lice

It is that time of year, well for most of the country, where everything begins to thaw, mud comes on strong, and parasites start popping up. Parasites include worms, bots, lice and more. Equine lice are our focus today. Lice are more common then many people believe and can happen to any horse. There are two types of equine lice blood suckers, Haematopinus asini,and chewers, Bovicola equi. Most lice are species specific (ie can‘t give to humans), but equines can get them from poultry and a few other animals. Click here to continue.

Equine Personality Assessment

I wrote this article for examiner about Equine Personality Assessment. It will show you how to explore horse’s characteristics like alpha nature, energy levels, a personable, and bravery. These little traits combine your horse’s over all personality.

Cow Horses in Phoenix

This is a nice introduction article about cow horses in general. It highlights Phoenix trainer, Al Dunning, as one of the few great cutting horse trainers. Click here for the full article.

Hello world!

This is my first post as Rambling Cowgirl. The title comes from my inability to only have one thing going on at once. Thus this site is to here to provide information about Equines, Business, and Self-Discovery. I look forward providing great content and service to all of my readers.