Rambling Cowgirl is all about the horses. We take a holistic approach (looking at the whole animal) to every individual horse that gets worked with. Our goal is to work at balancing the mind, body and spirit of the animal.

Training*Massage/Skeletal Balancing*Riding lessons*Education

The holistic approach to equines.


According to Dictionary.com, holistic stems from holiatry. Holiatry is the care of the entire patient.

How does that apply to my horse?

Many people tend to look at the problem as the problem, but fail to look at the whole animal. A speed horse that stops in the middle of the arena is being bad. A horse that won’t enter an arena is just obstinate. Well that isn’t always the case. Many times problems, especially attitude, are a result of a much deeper problems like sore muscles or some other body imbalance.

Are you one of those touchy feely people?

Nope. I’m a normal cowgirl that just got lucky learning to train the easy way and enjoys keeping my athletes in top shape.

Does that mean you “cowboy“?

Well that depends on your definition of “cowboying“… (Which I found various greatly!!! shudder) I am an equestrian that gets the job done, but my objective is to achieve my goals with the least amount of pressure necessary. I convey my intent to horses in a manner of which they understand using the principles of herd dynamic and body language.

So what is your gimmick?
Sorry Rambling Cowgirl doesn’t operate on gimmicks and I am not trying to reinvent the wheel. I use proven techniques from the 1800s, the old vaqueros, and ancient bodywork therapy. I hate even using the word “holistic” because of the stigmatism associated with it. (Yes, I usually roll my eyes at those people too.) The problem is holistic care is what Rambling Cowgirl provides. I look at the whole animal to treat and train into pure equine athletes.

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Training*Massage/skeletal balancing*Riding lessons*Education