Equine Training


Welcome to Rambling Cowgirl Horse Training.

We are here to help create a happy, functional, and enjoyable equine relationship.  By entering your horse into the 30 day training programs, we can assist you in your journey to blissful equine ownership.

I guarantee you will see an improvement in 30 days or you money back!

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Yes, I realize there is a “horse trainer” on every corner and in every barn, but when you come to us you will see the difference in your animal.


Rambling Cowgirl offers 4 basic training programs: Fundamental Riding, Mounted Shooting 101, Working Cows 101 and Behavior Modification.

Fundamental Riding

If your horse is unbroken, green or just doesn’t have the basics down read on…

Everyone, including horses, have to go to elementary school. This is where we learn the basics. This is where we learn our abc’s and 123’s. Horse elementary school is where they learn to stand, saddle and be rode.

Rambling Cowgirl’s Fundamental Riding program provides just the learning experience your equine needs. Not only will your horse learn the basics of standing tied, being saddled and rode, they also study the 3 key elements of riding: impulsion, collection and flexion/bending.

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Mounted Shooting and Cows 101

Details coming soon!

Behavior Modification

Only read if your horse has any of the below issues…

Is your horse naughty, stubborn, spooky, disobedient or just does not make you happy?

The list of problems is endless, but the bottom line is you want a successful relationship with your equine companion, but something is holding you back from that bond.

How did you get here?
Well a few scenarios are: You were sold a horse and now what? You may feel like you are feeding the devil herself. Or your horse had a sudden change of attitude.

Now everyone around you is driving you crazy with suggestions of how to fix your horse, but no two suggestions are alike.   You just want the job done, but don’t want to get ripped off like your neighbor.

When it comes to behavior modification, every horse is different so animal is treated as an individual. We begin the journey by examining the problems you are having and setting goals for you and your animal. Then I examine the animal to check for any physical discomfort blocking our path. After we have ruled out physical problems, we then create a road map to your equine success and get to work.

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