Kinetic Works for People

Kinetic works for people, KWP, is a very important part of a therapeutic massage.

Thus what is KWP?

The very definition of kinetic is in motion. We create the motion with  a series of movements customized for the client to increase free flowing range of motion for the muscles. Kinetic works come more into play after the massage to assist by providing gentle movements that will assist in journey to a pain free body. states : KINETIC AWARENESS
Developed by dancer/choreographer Elaine Summers, kinetic awareness is a system of bodywork that aims to increase knowledge of the human body by understanding tension as a positive and necessary part of movement affecting health, attitude, and emotional well-being. Designed to improve mental image, clients can gain a heightened sensitivity to posture and movement. All parts of the body are encouraged to be free to move in all directions in which it’s possible. A goal of kinetic awareness is to free the body so it is always moving away from pain and toward pleasure. There are five phases of awareness, including attention to breathing, simultaneous movement of body parts, level of tension, speed of movement, and relation to others.

Kinetic Awareness® Center interpretation is: Kinetic Awareness® is a bodywork system which is complementary to yoga practice. KA techniques release chronically tight areas of the body, enhance awareness and breath and facilitate greater range of motion. The unique feature of KA is the use of rubber balls (of varying sizes and textures) to support, massage and stretch localized areas. The result is a wonderful feeling of lightness in the body and alert quietness in the mind.
Rambling Cowgirl also has a Kinetic Works for Equines.

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