Ear Candling

History of Ear Candling

This amazing ear clearing alternative healing remedy dates back to to Atlantis and Lemuria. It was an ancient, universal form of therapy used by many tribes around the globe. There have been different styles of cones and uses of wax/herbs to clear the ear canal of evil spirits.

This is a common medical remedy in foreign countries currently. In places like Germany, ear candling is used to rid the body of ear infections, Candida, fungus growth, ear aches, etc. Although it is frown upon by many M.D.s, ear candling is a commonly used among U.S. holistic doctors.

Ear Candling Benefits

Ear candling, aka ear coning, is used to remove cerumen, aka ear wax, and toxins from an individual’s eat by means of a hollow paraffin/ beeswax hollow candle placed in the ear. By lighting the candle, the candle creates a vacuum effect upon the ear and removes impurities from the ear. If the ear candle is used improperly, there can be damage done, thus only allow properly trained individuals to perform ear candling.

Ear candling is used primarily for wax removal from the ears and promote healthy ears, sinus cavities, and throat. However, there are several other benefits associated with ear candling. The process can restore equilibrium, improve some forms of hearing loss, reduce migraines, catarrh, sinusitis, assist with post nasal drip, and regulate ear/head pressures.

Wax build up can cause hearing loss. Candida can cause mold/yeast allergies which causes itching inside the ear. Parasites can also grow in/crawl into the ear creating irritation. Ear candling can reduce these problems and help restore the ear’s natural environment.

How Ear Candling Works

The spiral of the ear cone causes the smoke to be pulled down into the ear canal. This causes the ear canal to warm and loosen earwax and other materials lodged in the ear. As the ear canal warms a vacuum effect is created and the debris is pulled up into the candle base. As the candle burns down a you will hear crackling and hissing which is the the process of the debris being removed. The over all process is very relaxing.

At the end of the session, you can be shown the accumulation of wax and fungus drawn out of the ear. The circulating in the ear is sometimes also known to have physically beneficial or even mild-clearing effects. The benefits claimed for ear candling are from individual use. Scientific research is lacking in this area and the little done is jaded by medical doctors. Those who use ear candling report significant improvements in their hearing, inner ear pain relief and reduction in tinnitus symptoms after several ear candling sessions.


Ear candling should note be done to people who have:

  • Currently have ear tubes
  • Perforated ear drums
  • Artificial ear drums
  • Fever
  • Active ear infections
  • Visible redness or inflammation to outside of ear
  • Known inflammatory conditions to inner ears or sinus cavities

You should NEVER attempt to candle your own ears without someone to assist you to keep watch over the burning candle!


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