Rambling Cowgirl’s Start in Holistic, Part 1

Many people don’t know why I got involved with homeopathic care. So I thought I’d clue you in………I found long ago, the only way to tell a story is to start at the beginning.

As a child growing up in Michigan, I was always sick. (You name it. I got it: sinus infections, colds, flu, chicken pox.) I was the kid that missed half a year of school because of being sick. I had literal growing pains that were excruciating. (Even though medical doctors don’t believe in “growing pains.”) With all that said, I was always at the doctor’s office getting some kind of drug or another to make me feel better. My immune system was shot from too many antibiotics.

One of my friend’s mother was always giving me herbs to fix me. They didn’t work over night, but I did find that the probiotics, garlic, bee pollen , Vitamin C and more were all working. By the time I was 13, I all but about refused to go see a doctor unless I was injured.

This was the beginning of my journey to homeopathic care. I have come a long ways from the kid who was just handed random herbal products to feel better. I am know the person constantly trying to get people to take or do something to fix their aliments.

In Part 2, I will tell you about a large turning point in my life in general, but it also pushed me to more styles of alternative medicine.

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